The delivery journey from warehouse to doorstep is called the ‘Last Mile’. It is often one of the few physical interactions with your client and is a crucial step in the client experience. But how do you make these last mile deliveries a pleasant experience, making this a stronghold of your offering instead of a necessary cost.

Inform your customers of deliveries ahead

track & trace

A customer wants to know when to expect their new couch, bike repair, or weekly foodbox. This Friday? Okay, but at what time? With the customer expectations rising, saying ‘end of day’ will no longer suffice and giving them a clear timeframe (1 hour max!) is a must. In addition, did you know that a second attempt result in a non-profitable delivery in 95% of the cases? You’ll need automatic notifications to inform you customer when the delivery is expected. This also gives the customer the possibility to reply and request to adjust the day or time if needed. This way, you can avoid the driver showing up at a house when nobody is home.

Track & Trace

Did an unexpected traffic jam cause a delay, or did the bike courier break all speed records and showed up too early? Notify your customer of updated ETA’s (Estimated Time of Arrival) with automated messages and with a track and trace link making it possible to follow the drivers’ last meters to the customers’ house. This will save you many “Where is my package?” phone calls or mailbox messages. Your customers know exactly when you arrive and will be ready to receive the delivery which results in extra time saved! On top of that, it also allows you to follow your driver on the road and add last-minute stops to his route.

Personal touch

An increasing number of companies decide to insource the logistic process and regain full control. In this way, they can guarantee the quality of the delivery service. Whether your company has its own logistic service or works with a third party, taking planning and communication into your own hands has its advantages. You can centralize all notifications and avoid sending too many emails coming from different parties. Personalize the automated emails or text communication to the wording and style of your company and let your brand stand out!

Those are only a few examples on how you can improve your customer experience, feel free to get in touch so we can discuss all possibilities in detail.