It all started in 2012. Anthony Viaene and his friends had the crazy idea to start an ecological delivery service in Ghent. They called it Bubble Post. They specialized in last-mile deliveries using cargo-bikes and electric vehicles. The company quickly got a lot of traction, which forced them to look for a quick and efficient last-mile delivery software to organize and streamline their daily deliveries.

The team couldn’t find anything suitable on the market, so they thought why not have another crazy idea and develop a system of our own? Dropon was born. While Bubble Post was expanding its operations across the Benelux, Dropon was running in the background as a sophisticated and elaborate planning tool.

In 2017, Bpost – the Belgian postal company – acquired Bubble Post. After a period of reflection, Anthony explored options to expand the applicability of Dropon to other companies and market segments. This is where Anthony asked his old hockey-teammate Jonathan Carette, previously working abroad for BNP Paribas, to join the new adventure. Together they founded a new company, Dropon.

It’s 2020 and Dropon is steadily flourishing into a mature company, with customers from different sectors across Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s mission is to help companies optimize their last-mile deliveries and take control of their route-planning and monitoring. Above all, their smart and easy-to-use route-planning tools are built to ensure the best delivery experience for customers.