190.000 per day

Bpost processes an average of 190,000 parcels a day, a twofold increase in 7 years. Ghent-based Dropon developed a platform that maps out the most efficient delivery rounds. Anthony Viaene and Jonathan Carette founded the startup in September 2018. Viaene is also the man behind Bubble Post, a bicycle courier company that was sold to bpost in 2017. After months of negotiations, he managed to buy back the technology. That, along with his logistics expertise, is at the heart of Dropon

Algorithm or manual

An algorithm determines the ideal route,” explains Anthony Viaene. “To do this, we use both historical traffic data and real-time information about traffic jams, accidents and unexpected obstacles. The software automatically optimizes the routes and forwards them to the drivers’ smartphones. They can also adjust them manually, for example if one delivery is more urgent than another, or if recipients have specified special wishes. They can follow their order closely.” 

40 percent gain

The founders of Dropon aim for both economic and environmental gains in package delivery. “Companies are under enormous pressure, and then the Amazons and Alibabas have yet to come down here,” says Jonathan Carette. “The margins are extremely small, so every minute counts. Those who use our platform can make their routes up to 40 per cent more efficient. Every kilometre saved leads to lower costs for our customers, but also lower CO2 emissions. In this way, the pressure on mobility and the environment is greatly reduced.” 

For any sector 

Dropon came about with the help of a bank loan and a business angel. A PMV co-financing is planned for after the summer. The team already has nine employees. “All companies with dynamic deliveries can come to us,” says Viaene. “Transport companies, retailers, but also suppliers of meal packages. We already have customers coming from various different sectors. They can even have their routes optimized per vehicle.”

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