Anthony Viaene, who previously started courier service Bubble Post, has bought back the technology behind the company. It has been used as the foundation to develop the new platform Dropon.

Dropon aims to manage the growth of e-commerce and is built on top of the platform Bubble Post had been using to plot its last-mile deliveries. “All companies that make daily dynamic deliveries can plan delivery rounds through the platform,” Anthony Viaene explains. “This can be done fully automatically, the algorithm determines the fastest route. We use both historical traffic data and real-time data as a source. Our customers can still easily adjust the route manually if one delivery is more urgent than the other or if recipients have given special requests for example. The platform then dispatches the delivery routes to the smartphones of the drivers. The rounds are monitored all the time. This allows our customers to make immediate adjustments, and the drivers to adjust their routes in response to traffic jams, accidents or other unexpected obstacles.”

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