Navigating the complex world of logistics? Whether you’re a business owner, planner, or logistics professional, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. If you’re seeking innovative solutions to supercharge your logistics processes, these supply chain technology startups might be the game-changers you’ve been waiting for.

Dropon: Beyond Route Optimization

In the fast-paced world of logistics, every minute and mile counts. Dropon understands this deeply, reducing driving time and distance by 5 to 22% through its route optimization platform. You save up to 40% in planning time while your customers get clear visibility on delivery timings.

  • Problem Solved: The headache of inefficient delivery routes, time-consuming planning and unhappy customers.
  • Solution: Software that optimizes routes, saves up to 40% in planning time and improves your customer experience.

Gather AI: Inventory Management Through Drones

Inventory management can be a maze. But with Gather AI, you get a bird’s-eye view, quite literally.

  • Problem Solved: The challenge of accurately tracking inventory in expansive warehouses.
  • Solution: A blend of robotics and machine learning, with drones providing real-time, pinpoint inventory data.

Metamaze: No More Document Delays

Tired of the endless paperwork in logistics? Metamaze is your digital assistant.

  • Problem Solved: The drag of manual document processing.
  • Solution: An AI-driven platform that automates document handling, ensuring swift processing and minimal errors.

Ventory: Spare Parts, No Longer Spare Problems

Juggling spare parts across multiple locations? Ventory has a map for that.

  • Problem Solved: The chaos of managing spare parts scattered everywhere.
  • Solution: A dedicated system for tracking and managing spare parts inventory, no matter where they are.

Garvis: Predicting Demand, The Smart Way

Forecasting demand can feel like gazing into a cloudy crystal ball. Garvis clears the mist.

  • Problem Solved: The pitfalls of inaccurate demand forecasting.
  • Solution: An AI-powered system offering razor-sharp demand predictions, so you’re always prepared.

Sensolus: Keeping Tabs on Every Asset

Non-powered assets often slip through the tracking cracks. Sensolus shines a spotlight on them.

  • Problem Solved: The oversight of tracking non-powered assets.
  • Solution: A tech solution that keeps an eye on every asset, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Optioryx: Helping Companies Ship Less Air

In the logistics world, space is money. And no one likes to pay for air. Optioryx brings a specialized solution to this common challenge, ensuring that every inch of your packaging is utilized efficiently.

  • Problem Solved: Challenges of operational inefficiencies in receiving and put away, in picking and packing, and in shipping. 
  • Solution: A cost-efficient and accurate mobile dimensioning app, picking path optimization for faster order fulfillment, cartonization & box assortment optimization for streamlined packing and automation of truck load planning.

In conclusion, the future of logistics is bright, and it’s powered by innovation. As you strive to elevate your logistics game, these supply chain technology startups offer the tools and solutions to propel you forward. Stay informed, stay ahead, and let technology pave the way.